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Select your Storage Size

Select a Storage Size based on the examples below.  You can always increase or decrease your required Storage Space at anytime.

Cinch Self Storage 15 sq ft

15 sq ft

A Telephone Box

From £5.00 
Per Week*

Cinch Self Storage 25 sq ft

25 sq ft

A Small Garden Shed

From £7.00
Per Week*

Cinch Self Storage 35 sq ft

35 sq ft

An Average Garden Shed

From £9.50 
Per Week*

Cinch Self Storage 50 sq ft

50 sq ft

Half a Garage

From £12.50
Per Week*

Cinch Self Storage 75 sq ft

75 sq ft

Luton Van

From £17.25
Per Week*

Cinch Self Storage 100 sq ft

100 sq ft

A Single Garage

From £20.00 
Per Week*

Cinch Self Storage 125 sq ft

125 sq ft

A One and a ¼ Garage

From £24.75
Per Week*

Cinch Self Storage 150 sq ft

150 sq ft

A One and a ½ Garage

From £29.00
Per Week*

Storage FAQs

Read some of our frequently asked questions when renting storage space with Cinch.  Read our full FAQs here.

How Much Space Do I Need ?

Please see our Storage Estimator.

At Cinch Self-Storage you’ll find a variety of rooms to fit each individual need. Room sizes range from 15sq ft to over 200sq ft.

Why do people need Self Storage ?

Households often need when moving, downsizing, renovating, decluttering, starting a family. Businesses’ stock, archives, event props, moving offices. It would be very unusual if you didn’t need storage at one point in your life.

What Can I Store ?

Almost anything, such as beds, sofas, artwork and garden furniture, we do not allow items that are perishable, flammable or illegal which include gas, fireworks, dangerous chemicals, live animals, anything that emits an odour.

The full extent of what you can’t store can be found in our T&Cs.

What if I Need More Space ?​

Not a problem, please just let one of our staff know. One of the benefits of our storage offering is how flexible it can be. At short notice you can move up a size in room or down, so you don’t have to pay for space you are not using.

What people say

Read some of our Testimoinials from Satisfied Customers of Cinch Storage.

Storage Gallery

Cinch Storage photos of storage units, storage equipment available and security.

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