Can I Use Self Storage As My Office?

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Yes, is the short answer.  At Cinch Self Storage we are open from 0730-1800 and because the room you rent is your space you are allowed to work from the room. We also have a number of purpose built offices available to rent with a shared kitchen area. See the BBC news article “The small firms run from self-storage units”

Only certain self storage rooms have electricity sockets built in so it is unlikely you are going to be running a desktop from your room, but electricity can be made available should you need it.  The in store free Wi-Fi means everyone is able to connect to the internet and people often use laptops to run a stock check or process orders. 

Cinch Self Storage are happy to take deliveries on your behalf and keep this aside or place in your room, should you like.  Whilst we don’t often become a registered office address, we do accept parcels and mail. Many of the companies that use a storage room as an office often hold stock such online retailers.

Self storage can help businesses particularly  because of the month-to-month nature of storage rentals versus the long-term leases of office contracts, along with no agency fees or business rates! Businesses can use traditional storage to keep records or store inventory, supplies, and equipment. This is particularly helpful for small businesses operating out of homes that need storage space.

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