Don’t Buy Cardboard Boxes – Get Them For Free In Bicester!

Storage boxes on a trolley side view at Cinch Storage

Cinch Self Storage are giving away medium sized removal boxes this Saturday 29th June! Located at 1 Arkwright Road, Bicester, OX26 4SU. The store is open during the week from 0730-1800 and from 1000-1600 on Saturdays. There is no need to call ahead, one of our friendly staff will be there to greet you.

Are you looking for moving boxes ahead of a summer move? Thinking about using Self Storage? Maybe just looking to tidy some items away at home? Every visiting car is entitled to 5 Free Medium Moving Boxes.  We also sell bubble wrap, tape and don’t forget storage rooms!

The boxes are perfect for everything from pots and pans to books to DVDs.  Specially designed boxes for moving house are the best option for packing your beloved possessions into. Their strength means they’ll stand up to a lot of handling, allowing you to make use of them many times.

Size Does Matter! – These plain, double walled boxes, are a medium size measuring 450mm x 450mm x 515mm and suitable for heavy items.  

Quality Matters – Don’t waste time and patience on inferior basic packaging, when you can get high quality cardboard packaging boxes. 

Our Environment Matters – Around 84% of cardboard packaging is currently recycled in the UK.  Cardboard boxes are 100% biodegradable. 

3 Top Tips:

1.We strongly advise against using bin bags.  They are prone to ripping, get easily squashed and lack ventilation – which can cause mildew to build up on fabrics.

2.Try to get each box as full as possible. Partially full boxes are more likely to tip or collapse.

3. Don’t forget to write on boxes, including ‘THIS WAY UP’ and ‘FRAGILE’ on boxes containing breakables.

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