How Self Storage can help relieve the stress of your moving day

Moving Day

Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful things you can go through in life, however, the use of Self Storage can considerably reduce the pressure on your moving day. When the day finally arrives, you want to be as relaxed and prepared as you possibly can, here are some ways that renting a Self Storage room can help you achieve this:

1 Packing and decluttering the house before the move – you will have noticed the amount of belongings that you own – the best thing you can do is be as organised as possible and pack your items away into one of our Self Storage rooms which can save you time and money on moving day. When you are settled into your new home, in your own time, you can return your belongings out of storage step by step.

2 Organising your new home –  when you have settled into your new home, you can take your own time to slowly unpack your belongings and keep some of your items in storage until you are ready for them. This way you can organise each room over a period of time, this will help you to see exactly what you have in your possession and to get rid of anything that is no longer wanted, providing you with a decluttered new house. The alternative is for everything to arrive all at once and a mad rush to unpack everything in one day!

3 Are you in between houses? Sometimes it can be easier to sell your own home first (or give notice on your tenancy), then rent a house or stay with your family until you can find and move into your new home. If you do, bear in mind that your temporary accommodation may not have room for all of your furniture, particularly if it’s furnished and unpacking out of season clothing, family albums and books is a lot of work for a short term stay. It makes more sense to put everything except your day to day essentials into storage until you’re settled for the long term.

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