How to Keep your Loft Organised


Having a loft in your home can be a big help as it means you can keep the rest of your house clutter free. They are ideal for storing seasonal items, such as summer and winter clothes, christmas decorations or keepsakes. It also means that you can keep items which you don’t want to throw away but are taking up space elsewhere in your home. 

Have a clear-out

The first thing you should do is clear out the space as this will make the process a lot easier. It will be difficult to organise the space if there are too many things lying around so you should look at what you can throw away and what you might want to donate or pass on to someone else.

Make a list

It is a good idea to make a list of everything you are storing in your loft so that if you are looking for an item you will be able to easily see if it is in the loft or not. 

Choose a method

You should decide on a method of how you are going to store your belongings so that you have easy access to them. You may decide that you want to keep all your clothes together and then keep your christmas decorations together. Or you may find it easier to sort them by seasons, so keep all your summer and winter items separate. 

Use labels

You decide to store items in boxes, labelling them will help you when it comes to needing them in the future. Lofts can often be quite dark and full, so making a note of what is in each box will make it easier to find things. 

Keep checking

You should check what you have stored in your loft at least twice a year. Try to keep it organised and not just throw things up there throughout the year. See if there’s anything that you haven’t ended up using and see if you can throw it away to free up extra space. 

Use correct storage equipment 

It is important that you use the correct equipment to store your belongings. You shouldn’t store clothes in bin bags as this makes them more exposed to temperature changes and it is easier for insects to get into them. You should use plastic boxes with a clip on lid to keep them safe and large furniture should be wrapped. Silica gel pads are really helpful for long term storage as they absorb any moisture. 

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