Organising Your Storage Unit for Easy Access

When renting a storage unit it’s always best to plan how you are going to organise it. The first thing you should do is sort out what items you may need frequently and place them at the front of your unit, especially if you are you going to be visiting your unit frequently. This way you don’t need to take every box out and start digging for the item you need. You may need to give extra thought to seasonal items such as winter/summer clothing, Christmas decorations, garden furniture. 
If you are storing both furniture and boxes, the best layout would be to place the furniture on one side against the wall and the boxes on the other making a clear pathway down the middle so you can easily take things out and put them back in. 

Another tip that may help is using the same size boxes. Smaller boxes are a lot easier to stack and move and most household items will fit nicely into them. If you do have items which require a larger box it’s best to stack them at the bottom and to not make them too heavy as this will make them a lot more difficult to access and remove. 

Labelling your boxes is another simple way to organise your storage unit. This will make it much easier to find things and means you won’t have to start looking through every box. Packing things which fit in the same category is an easy way to organise instead of putting lots of random items together in a box. 

An alternative to labelling boxes is to create a contents list. A simple way to do this is by numbering each box and then making a note of what is inside each one. This will make it much easier to find certain items later on, especially if they are towards the back of your unit.

By following these tips and organising your storage unit you can easily save yourself a lot of time by not having to take everything out when looking for something. Using the space you have effectively and stacking and storing items properly can make a massive difference on the unit size you need which can also help reduce the cost as you may not need as much space and you thought you did.

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