Putting Furniture into Storage the Right Way

When you put your furniture into storage, you want your items to be in the same condition when you leave, as when you put them in storage. Ensuring furniture stays in peak condition takes a bit of work.

Here are CINCH’s guide to storing furniture in on of our Storage Rooms the right way.

1.Clean everything thoroughly. This is will prevent offensive odors to nearby storage rooms and also significantly reduce the chance of mold and amount of dust. Use a mild soap and water for wooden and plastic furniture. We also recommend using fabric or upholstery cleaner to clean fabric items like couches or seat cushions.

2. Dismantle wooden furniture to reduce the likelihood of damage. Remove table legs, headboards and footboards, and be sure to store the screws in a labelled bag. We recommend removing drawers from chests or cupboards.

3. Wrap wooden furniture and upholstered furnishings with plastic wrap or shrink wrap. Be sure to use tape to secure it all together, while also making sure the tape doesn’t touch the furniture. Wrap furniture so that it can breathe by loosely draping the material over the furniture.Plastic sheeting or shrink wrap also protects your furniture from wood-burrowing insects.

4. Store electronics and televisions in their original packaging if you still have them available. Wrap cords in bubble wrap and store them along with electronic devices in the original packaging.

5. Don’t cram too much inside! We can’t stress this point enough. Breakages are most common storage rooms are full to the brim. We recommend when bringing into store that you take a moment to organise your storage room for easy access.

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