Spring cleaning tips


Spring is finally here which means it is time for a spring clean! It can often be a big task which some of us may give up on halfway through. We have some tips on how you can make your cleaning process more manageable to make your house sparkling.  

Make a list

Making a list of what needs to be cleaned can help you to stay organised. Before you start cleaning you should look in each room and make a note of what needs to be done. You could also make a note of which rooms need to be done first and prioritise them. It could be helpful to write down the equipment you may need to clean, such as a hoover or duster. 

Clean one room at a time

It can be overwhelming trying to clean your entire house, especially if you are trying to do it in one day. Cleaning one room at a time can help you to stay organised as you know what has been done and what still needs to be done. It could be helpful to clean a couple rooms each day, this will also help you stay focused as you may get bored. 


Whilst you are cleaning it is also good to declutter at the same time to see if there is anything you can get rid of to make some extra space. Put things into categories like keep, throw away and donate. You could even look into renting a storage unit for anything which you don’t want to throw away but don’t need on a regular basis. Here at Cinch Storage we have a wide variety of storage unit sizes

Get some help

Don’t do all the cleaning yourself. You can ask your kids, significant other or friend to help. Sharing out the workload will help to make the process a lot quicker and can be more fun. 

 Listen to music 

Listening to music while cleaning can help to make the time go quicker. You could create your own playlist or just stream your favourite songs. We always have a playlist going at our storage facility that keeps customers happy and productive, call us 01869 254245 for suggestions! 

Set a timer

It can be helpful to set a timer while you clean. It is easy to get distracted if you find items which you forgot you had, or you might find old photo albums and then realise you’ve spent an hour looking at them. Setting a time will help you to stay focused.

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