What to Store in Self Storage


Self Storage facilities are the ideal place for households, students and businesses to have a little extra space on a flexible basis. Storage units come in all shapes and sizes, and customers will rent a certain space to suit their requirements. 

Each storer has a different use for renting a unit, but if we split our customers into households, businesses and students we can look at what the common themes are.

Household storers are frequently between homes, renovating, or downsizing. We would expect therefore to see plenty of furniture, white goods, items from the garden, boxes of kitchenware and books etc etc. 

Businesses tend to use storage to keep stock and archives, and perhaps on a more short term basis, businesses will often use self storage when moving offices. For shops and other retailers, their store space is incredibly valuable and the cost to rent that space is far higher than Self Storage. As a result, businesses maximise their valuable floor space and keep stock in Self Storage. With regards to archives, according to gov.uk, you must keep you must keep records for 6 years from the end of the last company financial year, and rather than clogging up the office with documents, businesses turn to Self Storage to keep records in a safe a secure place. 

Students usually store their items between terms or semesters. Typically over the summer, students will store what they need for next summer but have no use over the summer. This may include winter clothes, textbooks and a trunk that is not worth lugging back home. Overseas students are particularly common self storage users over the Summer and often short term over the Winter too. 

Sadly no live pets in store!

As you may expect there is a “what you can’t store list” which customers must adhere to. A full list can be found under section 8 of our terms and conditions and includes any perishable goods unless securely packed to prevent vermin, any living creatures, firearms or anything combustible, any items that emits an odour and any illegal items or substances. 

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