Storing Over Christmas Time

Christmas Corridor

With only less than 3 weeks to go until Christmas, many of us will have visitors on their way very soon. There are many reasons to look into Self Storage to help you prepare for the big day.

If you have relatives coming over you may be panicking that you haven’t cleared out the spare room. A lot of us use the spare room to store things when tidying up the rest of the house or for things we’ve bought but only used once or twice. Decluttering at least once a week before Christmas can really help to take the stress off ourselves at this busy time of year. An easy way to free up room is by using Self Storage. 

Santa Visiting his Unit!

Another reason to use Self Storage is for hiding presents. This isn’t one that many people think of but if you have younger children and you don’t want them to accidentally find them, or you just don’t have the storage space at home, renting one of our flexible units is a great idea. Here at Cinch Storage you can rent a room for as little as 4 weeks, or you could extend the time and store other household items which you don’t need at home on a daily basis. 

Businesses can also really benefit from using a Self Storage room. Running an online business can mean that your home or office space can quickly fill up with products and equipment. Using a Self Storage unit is an easy and simple way to store items such as products and equipment safe and securely whilst still having easy access to them. 

Cinch Storage can even take in deliveries for you and place them into your room at no extra cost. 

Every year most of us have the same challenges when it comes to making space for visitors at Christmas. An easy and affordable solution is to rent a Self Storage unit. There is always alternative solutions so make this Christmas stress free by using Cinch Storage.

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