Tips for working from home


Many people may find working from home slightly difficult as you are more likely to get distracted and not be as productive, especially with these very difficult times many people will now be working from home. We have some tips on how you can stay focused and productive if you are needing to work from home. 

Get dressed

If you are working from home it can be very easy for you to not get dressed and stay in your pyjamas but washing and getting dressed will improve your mind set and you’ll know that it is time to start work. Depending on your job you don’t necessarily need to dress really formal but getting dressed into something else will really help. The rise in popularity of webcam conference calls such as zoom may require you to dress smartly at home. 

Stick to a routine 

If you work for a company and are not self-employed, you are likely to have set working hours. It is really important to stick to these hours and make sure that you are still sitting down to do work when you normally would and then also finish when you normally do. When working from home it is very easy to lose your routine but you’ll feel much more productive if you stick to it. Also, if there are other people in the house it may be best to find a room where no one else is so that you can concentrate and are less likely to get distracted. 

Take breaks 

Even though you are working from home it is still important to take regular breaks. It’s not healthy to be looking at a screen continuously for too long so make sure that you take breaks and get up and walk around for a bit or you could go outside for a walk to clear your mind. Frequent short breaks are much more beneficial than one long break as it will help to keep your mind focused. 

Talk to friends and family

If you are used to working with other people it can be quite lonely at first when working from home as you are used to having people to talk to throughout the day. Try to call a family member or friend for a quick chat maybe during a break just so you do have some interaction with other people.

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