Top tips on how to pack your Self Storage

boxes on trolley

Whether you’re moving, renovating or just trying to free up some space, packing the correct way will help you to make sure all your items are safe and secure. 

Here are some of our helpful tips on how to carefully pack your Storage Unit

Use smaller boxes for heavy items

Try using smaller boxes when packing heavier items. If you put too many items which are heavy into one larger box, this can make it very heavy and a lot more difficult to move and carry and there could also be a risk of the box breaking. 

Use tape to close boxes

Close the boxes you don’t need on a regular basis with tape. Using tape to close boxes makes them much more secure and easy to stack. We would also recommend using good quality tape as this will help to keep the structure of the box. 

Don’t overload boxes

Make sure you don’t make your boxes too heavy so that they are easy to lift and carry. Making your boxes too heavy can make them unstable when stacking and more likely to fall over. Also try not to underfill your boxes either as this can also make them unstable. 

Choose the correct box

This applies to the quality and the size. Using boxes which are of good quality will help to keep your items safe as they are much less likely to lose their structure or break. Durable and sturdy boxes are a lot easier to stack. 

Pack heavy items at the bottom

You should try to pack heavier items at the bottom and lighter items on the top. This makes them more stable and less likely to be damaged. 

Use vacuum-sealed bags

Use vacuum-sealed bags for bulky items such as blankets or winter clothing as this way they won’t take up as much room. You will be able to fit more into one box which can help to free up some space at home

Make a note of fragile items

Mark the boxes which have fragile items inside. This way you will know which boxes to be careful with when moving them around and opening them. Doing so also helps you to know which boxes need to be kept upright. 

Protect your furniture

Cover your furniture with protective materials such as removal blankets. This will ensure that your furniture is kept in good condition and free from damages such as scratches and also keeps them free from dust. 

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