What Does Self Storage Cost?

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Self Storage costs can vary greatly.  There tend to be 3 key factors in determining how much people pay for Self Storage; 

1. Unsurprisingly, how much space you take is key to ongoing storage costs.  Subject to availability, the larger room your take, the higher your monthly charges will be.  If availability is limited, some companies will give you a larger space at the same price as the room they do not have available.  However on a per sq ft basis, storage rooms tend to less expensive if you take larger rooms. 

2. Price can be dependent on how long you are staying for. If you look around, a popular introductory offer is a discount on the first 8 weeks for new customers.  This can make short term storing much more affordable. There are also discounts should you commit to store for long periods of time.  This may typically be for over a year and whilst the discount may not be substantial on a monthly basis, over the years, this could be quite considerable. 

3. One of the keys factors in store pricing is the cost of the land of where the store is.  Stores in more centrally located areas, prime locations with easy access, tend to be more expensive.  This is because the high cost of the land is being passed on to the customer.  Out of town stores, that do not benefit from a roadside presence, often in a more rural area can afford to offer lower storage prices but may not be as convenient. 

Here are a couple of other ways to reduce your storage costs;
Some companies give customers the option of paying their entire storage contract in advance, rather than on a monthly basis.  This is another way of potentially reducing your storage costs from between 5-10%.  

In most cases insurance is an additional but important extra charge for customers.  For extremely high value good being stored, the storage company can speak directly to their insurer to try get and improved rate which can be directly passed back to the customer. 
Access outside of normal working hours in normally an extra cost, due to the increase in security measures needed.  Be prepared and plan your visits to store to insure you do not need to visit at unusual hours. 

At Cinch Self Storage we offer storage from as little as £5 per week.  Ask in store for details! 

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