What is Self Storage Insurance?


Self Storage insurance is designed to cover the contents of your items whilst in store. Our stores have state of the art security keeping your belongings super safe while in store, but there are a few outcomes that are beyond our control. 

A bit like our storage units and completely unlike your car or home insurance, our insurance options are affordable and flexible. Insurance starts from as little as £1 per week for £1,000 of cover. You are able to pay to insure just for the time you have items in storage and can move the level of cover up and down as you wish. If your business has “insurance in storage” cover, then we will accept that as a form of cover, but we do require a copy before beginning your rental contract. Household insurance almost certainly doesn’t cover your belongings whilst in storage, but feel free to contact your provider for clarification. 

What does our insurance policy cover? Damage to your contents caused by:






Flooding & burst pipes causing ingress

Insect or vermin from an external cause

Theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry to or exit from the building. 

For a full and comprehensive list of what our insurance covers you against, more detail on things like the ‘excess’ and the claims process, please speak to a member of our team by contacting us on info@cinchstorage.co.uk

While we are happy to explain our policy to your over the phone or via email, we are unable to advise you on the value of your contents going into storage. Please do bear in mind that the policy is ‘new for old’ i.e. the value should reflect the replacement cost of the items. 

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