Where Is The Cheapest Self Storage?


The cheapest self storage is not always where you think it might be! Different companies run a variety of offers which can often help reduce the cost of storage. Make sure to ask the storage company you enquire through if they have any offers running ahead of any booking.  
Storage prices vary across the country with central locations like Soho in London being amongst the most expensive.  Where land is less expensive, storage prices tend to reflect this too. Stores with a prominent roadside location can sometimes be more expensive because of the increased cost of the land. 

Storage pricing can often be confusing because in the UK because we still use the Imperial System when talking about measurements.  This mean room prices are mostly quoted in square feet not square metres like you would expect.  Popular room sizes like 50 and 100 square feet often sell out fast and can be reserved a long way in advance.  Some companies may be happy to put you in a 125 sq ft room for the same cost of a 100 sq ft, if they do not have the availability you are looking for.  This means on a price per square foot basis you are getting a great deal! 

If you are using Self Storage on a regular basis it may work out cheapest for you to use your nearest store, if you thinking about time and distance travelled to store.  There are often additional costs to the storage you book, like ongoing insurance as well as a lock and sometimes packaging materials. Be sure to ask as many questions as possible if you are unsure!  

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