Why Self Storage is Good…

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Most domestic customers that use Self Storage for the first time do so because they are going through a period of change in their life. This maybe somebody moving house or downsizing, it could be somebody storing items for someone that has passed, or could even be used during a divorce process. Whilst self storage is helpful because you can store all you need to, it also can assist in reducing stress. 

Self Storage provides flexible contracts starting from two weeks, so you do not have to commit to long periods of storing. When taking a lease on a property; office, commercial or residential, you could be required to commit to staying for at least six months. At Cinch, we require 14 days notice when vacating your storage room. Subject to availability you can book a room on the day and move items in straight after!  

Some domestic customers promise that renting a self storage room will increase the size of your living space. Decluttering has never been more popular, partly thanks to Marie Kondo whose popularity rose with her Netflix documentary, ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’. Storing items can often make your home a more enjoyable place to live, and easier place to organise. 

Storage rooms are very secure and storage buildings are designed to have a high level of security, this can be important if you are looking to protect valuables. Vintage collections or items of high sentimental value that may not be needed on a daily basis, can often be popular things to store, particularly if they take up a lot of room at home.  Storage rooms have individual alarms as well as 24 hour monitored CCTV. 

Frequently people like to use Self Storage on a seasonal basis. Expensive outdoor furniture will last longer if protected indoor from harsh winter conditions.  Storage can be used for sports or hobby equipment and there should be no place at home for Christmas decorations over the summer months! Because there are no long term contracts it makes storing items you are not using regularly easy. 

Self Storage is not good for businesses it can be great!  It is particularly helpful for young growing companies who do not want to make large rent commitments and are unsure about how much space they may need.  It is ideal for ecommerce platforms that may need an area to store stock too.  For more established companies storage can help provide an organized and hazard free environment. At Cinch Self Storage we have offices to rent on flexible contracts, which may mean there is no need for alternative office space.

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