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Cinch Storage offers various sizes of office rooms. Renting an office room from Cinch is flexible, low cost and convenient with additional storage space on your doorstep.

Office Space

Is your business in need office space but doesn’t want to commit to a long term lease, then look no further. At Cinch Storage we have offices suitable for businesses of all sizes. We simplify everything for you, no business rates, no utility bills and additional storage space right on your doorstep.

Cinch Storage provides hassle free office space. You are able to rent an office for as a little as 4 weeks, and there is no need to sign a long term lease, we only require 4 weeks notice to leave.

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Fob access is required for entry into storage and office space. Cinch Storage has CCTV in operation 24/7, monitoring access into our storage facility and offices. Our facility is equipped with fire and smoke detectors.

There’s no doubt that a messy office is an unproductive one. Research from the National Association of Professional Organisations show a direct correlation between productivity and clutter, with the average person wasting 4.3 hours per week searching for papers. Our Self Storage rooms are within a stone’s throw from our offices, allowing a clean, tidy and productive office environment for your business.

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