Frequently Asked Questions

Read some of our frequently asked questions when renting storage space with Cinch.

What do People Store ?

  • Sports Equipment
  • Winter Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Things that ‘will come in handy one day’
  • Photo Albums
  • Archives
  • Business Stock
  • Almost anything!

Who Needs Self Storage ?

  • Decluter
  • Downsize House
  • Movers
  • Renovating
  • Renting out a spare room
  • Student Holidays
  • Business Storage

Storage > Length of Stay

How Long Can I Stay ?

As long as you’d like. Many people have an ongoing storage requirement for one reason and use Cinch Storage on an ongoing basis.

What’s the minimum length of Stay ?

You can store for just 1 day, but the minimum billing period is 2 weeks. We automatically bill monthly, so please time leaving storage accordingly, or request to move to a weekly billing rate before leaving.

Do I Need to Give Notice Before Leaving Storage ?

Please give 14 days notice before leaving.

Are there discounts if I stay longer ?

We often run promotions if you are likely to be a long term customer. Please speak to one of our storage experts to discuss.

Storage > Access

When / How can I access my contents ?

Once becoming a customer, you may access your contents during the office opening times when it is convenient for you. If you have come into storage having had a Free Collection, you may need to visit us during opening hours for instructions in how to access your unit.

Who has access to my Storage Room ?

Only you or other authorised persons you have notified us of. You are responsible for giving them your access codes and padlock key / combination number.

Do you charge access fees ?

Access during our openings hours are free of charge. If you are offered 24/7 we do have a small charge for  this service. This just covers our additional security required to operate this service.

How to access my Storage Room out of hours ?

You will be issued a pin code to access the facility once your rental agreement and first invoice has been paid. Your storage room will need to be locked with a padlock. These are available at the Cinch Box Shop. 

Storage > Insurance

Do I need to insure my contents whilst in store ?

You are able to use your own insurance if you have it, but most household insurance doesn’t cover goods in Self Storage. You are able to insure with your contents under our policy.

How much does it cost to insure my contents ?

We charge £1 per week per £1,000 worth of value stored. Our average customer takes out £5,000 worth of insurance cover at a cost of £5 per week.

What does your insurance policy cover ?

Please request a copy of our insurance cover before entering into an insurance agreement. You will be covered against water leakages, theft by forcible violent entry or exit, moth/insect damage, lightning, fire, explosion, earthquake, storm, flood, riot, strike, amongst others.

How do I value my Goods ?

On a new for old basis. You must consider the current new replacement value of all contents when being stored, not the price you paid when your purchased each item.

Storage > Security

How secure are my contents ?

At Cinch Storage we have CCTV in operation 24/7, intruder alarms on our store and each individual door. Your unique PIN Code gives you access out of trading hours. Fire and smoke detectors are also in use.

Does Cinch Storage hold a key to my unit ?

No, you are the only key holder.

What If I forget my PIN code ?

You will need to call our store and answer some security details before being given your PIN. Only persons named on the account will be given the PIN.

What if I lose my key padlock or forget my key combination ?

We are able to cut off your padlock if required and we have padlocks available for purchase at our Store.

Storage > Servies Offered

Can Cinch Storage help with removals and van hire ?

Yes, we have great relationships with local van hire and removal companies, and also offer a free collection into storage ourselves. We have offers that save you money when using these services, please speak to our a member of our team on 01869 254 245 for further information.

Do you run promotions for new customers ?

All the time! Whether it’s half price storage, credit on a full removal, money towards renting a van or free packaging materials, we are bound to have an offer that suits you. We also offer a 10% discount to any member of the NHS, Police, Ambulance, Fire service or Armed Forces upon production of a valid ID card.

Can I use more than one room ?

Yes, and our price will reflect your new total space occupied, rather than a charge on a new room in isolation.

Do you charge business rates ?

No, our storage price includes utilities, maintenance and VAT with no business rates.

Storage > Facilities & Features

Are Cinch able to accept deliveries on my behalf ?

Yes, not a problem! If you notify us in advance, we will be able to accept the delivery and store the item in a safe place until you come into store.

Will my Storage Room have lighting ?

Do you have customer trolleys ?

We do, please feel free to use them to help move your contents in and out of your Room!

Do the Rooms have electricity ?

Some rooms may have access to a power socket in the hallway but please check with one of our store manager’s before using it.

What people say

Read some of our Testimoinials from Satisfied Customers of Cinch Storage.

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