Storage Preparation

What Can I Store?

Almost anything! You can’t store flammables, hazardous/toxic items, or any stolen/illegal items. See our T&Cs for a more extensive list of exclusions.

How much can I fit into my room?

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, nearly a tonne - but it would be hard to exceed this! Give us a call on 01869 254 245 if you are worried.

What if I need more space on the day?

Not a problem. Depending on availability we will be able to find you a larger room.

Will Cinch help me load?

We can of course help, but we are not liable for any packaging mishaps. Have everything ready to load on the ground floor, we will not be bringing goods down from the attic or dismantling your bed!

Does Cinch sell packing materials?

Yes, we sell boxes, tape, bubble wrap, blankets, sofa wraps and more - all available at checkout. We recommend ordering any materials needed in advance of our visit.

My Room

How do I remember what is in My Room?

You can take photos whilst loading and add them to your ‘My Cinch’ profile. You can also add any notes regarding items that might not be clear in a photo.

What if my items won’t fit in a Room?

We have a special room for any oversized items but there is a small extra charge for using this.

Can I access My Room(s)?

Yes, unlike the majority of storage operators, we offer FREE access! Please endeavour to give us 24 hours notice before visiting.

Can I store small individual items or single boxes?

We can usually accommodate almost any item for storage, so call us on 01869 254 245 to see what we can offer.

Does Cinch service businesses too?

Yes, lots. Please call us on 01869 254 245 to discuss our storage solutions.

How secure is My Room?

Absolutely no one has access to your Room. Our remote signalling intruder & fire alarms with immediate emergency response, will ensure the highest protection.

Pricing & Payment

How much does a room cost?

Your plan depends on how long you store for and the space required. The longer you store, the cheaper your monthly fee. Please see the instant quote calculator to get your pricing plan today or give us a call.

What if I need my storage sooner than planned?

That's simple, you will incur a small early break fee of £25 and pay the difference in savings you had through your original storage plan.

How much is the collection?

Free of charge if you commit to 3 months of storage and are in our collection radius.

If you exceed our collection radius and/or only need 1-2 months storage there will be an additional charge, please ring for a quote on 01869 254 245

When will I get charged?

You will be charged from the first day of storage and you will be debited monthly thereafter.

Can I have my Storage delivered back to me?

Yes, we do charge a small fee, calculated by the distance you are from our Cinch site, but when you need this service, please call us.

Do I need to insure my items in storage?

Yes and you can select the level of contents insurance at our checkout. We do not accept other forms of insurance.

What’s the minimum length of time I can store with Cinch?

You can store for just a week, however 1 month is the shortest billing time we offer.

What if I leave mid billing cycle?

You will be charged for the full billing month - we advise you to leave toward the end of the billing month to avoid additional costs.

Leaving Cinch?

You can either collect your items from our storage centre or we can bring them back to you. Please ring for a quote as it’s dependent on where they are going.

How much notice do I need to give to cancel My Room?

We require you to give a months notice before leaving our Cinch site. You will always pay for a months storage in advance so make sure you give as much notice as possible.

What if I need storage longer than anticipated?

No problem! You will keep paying in advance monthly for your storage and we wait to hear from you when you need to cancel.

What happens to my belongings if I am late making a payment?

We know that emergencies and unexpected events happen. If you know in advance that you may be late making a payment for any reason, please contact us so that we can work with you!

You will be charged a late payment fee. In extreme cases we may not return your belongings until your account balance is settled.


How do I know if I am in a free pick up area?

See “Free pick-up areas” to find out if your nearest town is included in our free pick up area. Or find out when you checkout.

Can I bring my items to a Cinch site?

Yes of course, please do phone ahead prior to arriving.

When will my driver arrive?

We aim to arrive at the beginning of your allotted time.

How long do I have to load my items?

We allow roughly one hour per vault to load your items. If you need considerably longer we will charge a small amount for our staff’s time. Cinch staff are there to help you!

Can I change my order details?

Yes, you are able to do this through ‘My Cinch’ after checking out, or call us on 01869 254 245. If you require us to bring additional packaging materials then please call us to notify.

I am afraid of my stuff getting damaged or lost during transit?

Cinch take extreme care when it comes to the protection of your goods. Unlike a typical self storage company where your items would be handled by a third party removal company, the Cinch team are the only people involved in the storage process. We sell a full range of packaging products to ensure your goods are best protected in transit and storage.