Secure Storage

We take the security of your contents extremely seriously. We work closely with the authorities to ensure that our systems are continually best in class.

Intruder Alarm System

Outside of trading hours, our intruder alarm system notifies the police of any attempted forced entry. Pin Code access still gives you the ability to access your Room 24/7. Every door is individually alarmed out of hours. So in the unlikely event someone attempts to access your room without the correct Pin, an alarm is activated and a signal is sent to our monitoring centre.

Digital CCTV

Our Digital CCTV cameras monitor all access points, emergency exits and areas outside our store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have staff on site during trading hours who are trained in spotting suspicious activity and react accordingly.

Storage Room Padlock

Your Storage Room must have a padlock which can be purchased from our Store.

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While we put every measure in place to ensure your goods are safe, there are things we can’t guarantee to protect against, such as a fire and floods. For example someone in a room near you may not have defrosted their freezer properly and causing a leak to enter your room.

Cinch Storage has an insurance policy available for our customers at just £1 per week per £1,000 of value stored. On average customers typically take out £5,000 worth of cover. It has been specifically designed for Self Storage and it covers a wide range of perils that are typically not in normal household insurance.

We Cover against:
  • Fire, Flood, Lightening,
  • Theft (by forcible and violent entry/exit),
  • Impact by Vehicles and Aircraft, explosions and much more.
Ask our team on ….. To see a copy of our insurance cover.

What people say

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