Can you use Self Storage as a Workshop?

Tools Workshop

Industrial units in the UK have soared in price over the last 5 to 10 years, and as the high street continues to decline, many analysts are predicting further growth in rents and prices. With this in mind as well as heightened economic uncertainty, many businesses have been turning towards the flexible model of Self Storage and improvising the space they need. 

Renting space in a  Self Storage facility allows you to leave, or even grow, at a moments notice which gives your business the flexibility it needs to adapt to certain situations. Self Storage also simplifies the process for business owners who want to resolve their need for a premises. Contracts are standardised which mean no legal fees incurred when renting space. In most cases businesses can move in on the day of the enquiry providing the area they need is available. All costs are rolled into one, there are no separate bills such as rates and utilities you would expect when taking out a lease. 

In summary the full benefits to businesses of using Self Storage compare:

✓  Rent exactly the space you need and no more!

✓  Flexibility

✓  No legal Fees

✓  Simple Bills

When we are asked the question, “can we rent a storage unit to use as a workshop”, we say “yes, but depends what you’re doing”. We strictly prohibit the use and storage of any flammable liquids or gases, such as gasoline, in our store. This tends to limit the use of any motor garage’s from renting space in Self Storage. E-Commerce businesses, retailers, craftsmen, painters/drawers are all types of businesses that can rent space and turn their unit into a workshop, but must always check with the store manager in advance of doing so. While we encourage businesses to use our store as a place of businesses, we are not an Airbnb host, and you can therefore not use your unit as a place of residence. 

We, at Cinch Storage are able to provide bespoke workshops to businesses

Workshop in self storage

With an open floor plan on some floors, we are able to tailor storage units around your business to suit your requirements. Give us a call on 01869 254245

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